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This program is qualified as final version, with everything that this implies for the program operating purpose. The author disclaims any liability caused by its use, problems, deficiencies or malfunctions of hardware or software driven by its use. In the same way the author warns the user that in certain countries is punishable by law the use of encryption programs. If this is the case please DO NOT USE this software, and if you do it is at your own risk. If in doubt consult your country's legislation in this regard.

Last version: Contego version 2.0 (20/08/2010)



German Carro Fernandez



What is Contego Software:

Contego Software is a free software project for data encryption of plain text (UTF-8) and compare, verify or generate MD5 and SHA-1 sums for files. The program is licensed under GPL v.3 and may be freely distributed. Is done in Java, which requires the JVM to run.

The program is available for different operating systems:

Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 : Download Contego_v_2_0.exe (Multilingual Version).

MD5: 2ba5fec0fb52ba61945d13b52b633340

SHA-1: 16277d15209da8703495b59918feb71561039c50

This version for Windows is a self. Once downloaded you just double click and you get an installation interface that will guide you through it and if you want to activate an icon on the desktop for quick access to the program. It also incorporated the option to uninstall, so you permitrá delete the program and all your folders if you want to delete it at some point.

Linux: Download Contego_v_2_0.tar (Multilingual Version).

MD5: 9011b986ede2469b20cf8813829d44f6

SHA-1: c718805643b7cc6ff30c893c6d8c35688c56705e

The Linux version is tested under low Debian Etch, Debian Lenny and Ubuntu. It comprises a *.* tar file that you must decompress in a folder. Inside you will find the file Contego.jar. Double clicking on it you can start using the program.

Go to the general downloads site.

Here is the general repository of this program.


Contego's Pictures:

This is an example pictures of the program.


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Contego Contego

Using Contego:

The information below is in aid of the program. It is strongly recommended that it be read because its operation depends on good understanding of this assistance.

This program is designed to encrypt and decrypt a text with UTF-8 Unicode format and compare, verify or generate MD5 and SHA-1 sums for files.

To use it just follow the following steps:

How to encrypt a message:

1 .- Enter in the box above the message to be encrypted.

2 .- Enter a number from 0 to 256 (inclusive) in the "Enter Key".

3 .- Enter a prime number other than 1 or 2 in the "prime number".

4 .- Then press the button "Encrypt". This operation will write the encrypted message in the box below.

5 .- Carefully select the characters that appear. Note that the blank spaces also belong to the encrypted code.

6 .- Press "Ctrl + C to copy the text to the clipboard. Once there you can use the cipher text as you like, you can even send it as email. In the latter case it is recommended that you send the message stored in a file *.* txt format Unicode UTF-8. Due to the characteristics of Java, other formats such as ANSI, or set by default in different email programs, may distort the initial encoding of the message making it unreadable.

How to decrypt a message:

1 .- Select the message to decrypt the file and copy *.* txt received to the clipboard. Make sure you copy all characters of the encryption.

2 .- Press "Ctrl + V" drop it in the text box below.

3 .- Enter the number key in the "Enter Key".

4 .- Enter the appropriate prime number in the "prime number".

5 .- Press "Decrypt". At that time, can decrypt the text and read its contents.

Buttons and Boxes:

-Encrypt: encrypt a message.

-Decrypt: Decrypts a message.

Help: Displays this help.

-Refresh: Internally set to zero all the values of the program. Reset the encryption algorithm.

-Enter Password: First phase of the algorithm. You must use a number between 0 and 256, inclusive. Never write letters.

-Primo Number: Second phase of the algorithm. You must use a prime number. Never use on 1 or 2, or letters.

-Language: It Changes the installation language.

-Sending a query: It opens the predetermined mail client, sending Contego a query mail (

Note: You can go directly to the official website by simply clicking on the address in the Help screen.

-MD5: Open the screen to calculate MD5.

-SHA-1: Open the screen to calculate SHA-1.

-Enter MD5/SHA-1 to compare: If desired, this label can be entered MD5/SHA-1 value to compare with the already generated by the program file selected. Be sure to enter it without spaces.

-Compare (MD5 or SHA-1): Compares the value entered in paragraph MD5/SHA-1 'Enter MD5/SHA-1 to compare', with that obtained by the program.

-MD5/SHA-1 of file: Open the file selection screen to choose the file on which to calculate the MD5/SHA-1.

-MD5/SHA-1: Indicates MD5/SHA-1 generated by the program. You can copy using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to paste elsewhere.

-Verification: Compare MD5/SHA-1 value obtained from the user-entered for comparison, indicating whether or not correct.

-File: Indicates the path of the selected file.

-Progress: Indicates the percentage of remaining analysis to generate the value MD5/SHA-1 relevant. Time may vary depending on file size and power used computer equipment.

-Close: Closes the screen MD5/SHA-1 and returns to the screen 'Tools'.

Contego has been yet evaluated and awards by several software sites:


Windows Version

Linux Version

Award 100% Free Softpedia

Warranty '100% Clean' Geardownload

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Version History:

- Version 2.0 (August 20, 2010): Added tools to compare, verify or generate MD5 and SHA-1 sums for files. Fixed any grammar errors and interfaze was adjusted.

- Version 1.0 (January 10, 2010): multilingual version fully functional. Includes tools for changing the language and sent directly via e-mail consultations or acces at official website. Available languages are: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. Fixed all the 'bugs' existing beta versions and have been found running the program to ensure its functionality.

- Beta Version 1.1 (June 19, 2009): It adds a button with the logo GLPv3 to access a screen where you can read in English the terms of GNU GPL version 3-originals.

- Beta Version 1.0 (March 1, 2008): Full functionality to encrypt and decrypt files in UTF-8 text.


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